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As a WordPress site developer I currently manage over 20 websites.  While most of these are client sites, I also manage several personal sites like my Teaching the Civil War with Technology, my daughter’s Geeky Girl and my son’s Journey Through Scouting.

With all of these websites to manage it takes time to see which ones need plugins updated or just their overall health.  I have to navigate to the site, login, check for updates, run the updates, verify, logout and move to the next site.   If I take 10 minutes on each site for updates, it could take several hours to complete.  What I needed was a way to manage all of my WordPress installs from a single location.

Enter InfiniteWP

What an amazing tool.  InfiniteWP is a free, self-hosted multiple WordPress management platform that simplifies your WordPress management tasks into a simple click of a button.

How does it work?

After you enter your email address you can download the install file.  You can either run the program from your self hosted site or if you are running XAMP like I am, you can run it locally.  It is a simple install that takes minutes.  Once you install the app and get it running the next step is to add sites to your dashboard.

First you will need to login to the website you want to manage and install the InfiniteWP plugin.  Once the plugin is installed and activated, it will provide you with an Activation Key.  From there you go over to your InfiniteWP dashboard and click add site.  You enter the site URL, the admin name and the Activation Key that I just mentioned.  That’s It!

From there you can add as many sites as you want and you can click update all and every plugin and theme will be updated.

Oh wait there’s more!

From the dashboard you can also visit the site, back it up, launch the admin panel and write posts. And the best part of all… it’s FREE!

I encourage you to go to check out InfiniteWP  especially if you manage multiple sites. It is a major time saver.  Their documentation is great and they have a good knowledge base.

Finally, while not free, they do have numerous Addons  that compliment the base package.  While I have not tried any yet, I am seriously considering the Google Analytics feature and possibly the WP Maintenance Addon.  Again, more time savers.

Go check it out and let me know what you think.

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One thought on “InfiniteWP For Managing Sites

  1. InfiniteWP Is noth­ing sort of a life­saver. You are able to save so much time you are able to do more thing with your life, thus sav­ing is the bet­ter things like fam­ily. TO me that is a live saver.They make it so easy to start up. The addons might seem expen­sive but when you fac­tor in the monthly costs of other sys­tems it quickly becomes a no brainer.
    Their plat­form is strong and robust. I trust it com­pletely. We all know noth­ing is per­fect but this is pretty close. I have had some issues and their response time is great usu­ally less than 11 hours and some­times much quicker. I highly rec­om­mend this.